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the phantoms grasp

when i gaze long enough into these melting sidewalks i can see myself as i was before; before i knew anesthesia, before i knew platforms, before i knew the ocean and where looks could take me. i was mislead and … Continue reading

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Haiku, Cry or Leaf

It’s Autumn in the Bags of your eyes and I try Not to fall with you

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my dear space, time will tell

i fear we won’t watch our facade cave in. amongst all my love, i really look forward to wearing coral lipstick. but last night, when you said you didn’t see my face paint, i’d wondered what else you were blind … Continue reading

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i’ve probably quenched your thirst by now…

i’d hate to blame my homework on cats but all those other demagogues are too preoccupied chasing fairytales– like, don’t you see your cloud overhead? i didn’t whisper, “thunder,” and i probably should’ve just to get you to look up … Continue reading

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As Silence Reflects

I click my bones against you to know my hollow. My skin shades in transparence until I am glass. I am fragile tainted glass; tinted, unworthy. My bones open for your transcendence. I welcome shatter. Please, your fire binds my … Continue reading

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pin me past the seasons. my chest hums out, my jaw reacted because of weeks heavy against confession. that prick felt sharper made by yellow’s reflection restored in our familiar skies. sun is sometimes but always.. paired, we are similar … Continue reading

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When my smile fades

I fog into the twilight where window shields the heart. One tap– we break apart. So realize that yesterday was never meant to be a serenade. I was merely mouthing to your veins, referencing the time you seal with a … Continue reading

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Please, don’t look back.

When my smile fades It is because I lose you To those yesterdays.

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they call it a panic attack… or acid flashback

i timed how many thoughts left and made their way past the moon. why did i drape in smoke? my thumbs stay active, flicking ashes, pretending sanity can be caught through a filter; i’m done spinning webs of my own. … Continue reading

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Her Egypt is Moonlight

I lapse in oblivion draped with abeyant jewels kissing my chest. (I never noticed your weight) Omissions retrieved my judgments because you left my midnights to be born in indigo. So I translated my daylight sky, dipping caution in an … Continue reading

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