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my dear space, time will tell

i fear we won’t watch our facade cave in. amongst all my love, i really look forward to wearing coral lipstick. but last night, when you said you didn’t see my face paint, i’d wondered what else you were blind … Continue reading

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only if there’s a last supper after my “last supper…”

if i let my tongue burn, sometimes i think i would die. sometimes i think i would die if i let you fall under my breath where i hide my bread crumbs. it’s because they didn’t teach me misery right. … Continue reading

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they call it a panic attack… or acid flashback

i timed how many thoughts left and made their way past the moon. why did i drape in smoke? my thumbs stay active, flicking ashes, pretending sanity can be caught through a filter; i’m done spinning webs of my own. … Continue reading

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Withstanding Borderline

I tell you I’m flakey because the breadcrumbs blent in with the leaves and I don’t know how else to say it. As if rolling coils down a hill could build a decent pot for these roots that stand for … Continue reading

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catastrophic grace

let me get a little crazy! let me disencumber,              OVER FLOW                      in vingar, puking birds over cuckoo’s nests where i rest my resting- less head in restlessness!!!!! pluck me formal formed feathers from cocks’ tails with a cocktail … Continue reading

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dandelion halo

drop another dandelion on my head and promise me the spring again again again. promise me, madness, promise me madness before the end of the string, the stem– tie me in knots so i never forget the yang that i, … Continue reading

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vowed to be aching

it’s a ritual to ideate this failure and i realize the transgression but romanticism weeps just the same as the honeymoon depletes my funds so all thats left are shriveled petals and photographs from a ceremony where i couldn’t stop … Continue reading

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Thinks I Thought

I ask the paper to lie and pry in the corners of my mind so I could know where my thoughts went that night and all the nights that followed with all the drugs that flowed. It all came to … Continue reading

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Sentencing Lala

High is when the temperature is Fashionably late and your heart Is the strobe cruising along the Arabian sea knowing you can Drive to Dubai from Kannur Within a day through the water Held in a bottle of eye drops … Continue reading

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I don’t feel all right, I don’t feel okay, I actually feel utterly happy! I don’t want to sleep, I don’t need to eat, Not when I am completely happy! But what did you say? Why must you put it … Continue reading

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