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pin me past the seasons. my chest hums out, my jaw reacted because of weeks heavy against confession. that prick felt sharper made by yellow’s reflection restored in our familiar skies. sun is sometimes but always.. paired, we are similar … Continue reading

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You always look dead when you’re sleeping.

Like a metaphor for burying the deceased, they cake on powder to burry their creases. Just pretend sleep keeps the skin salient like spit balls missing their targets… I was salivating at this thought to rehydrate acid tears from their … Continue reading

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vowed to be aching

it’s a ritual to ideate this failure and i realize the transgression but romanticism weeps just the same as the honeymoon depletes my funds so all thats left are shriveled petals and photographs from a ceremony where i couldn’t stop … Continue reading

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Sentencing Lala

High is when the temperature is Fashionably late and your heart Is the strobe cruising along the Arabian sea knowing you can Drive to Dubai from Kannur Within a day through the water Held in a bottle of eye drops … Continue reading

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I’d like to write this in reverse Like the way my head spins on an axis; When lost in some compromised reminiscence— As though the mirrors don’t lie enough… But I still looked through it; Catching his eyes Keeping an … Continue reading

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