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the phantoms grasp

when i gaze long enough into these melting sidewalks i can see myself as i was before; before i knew anesthesia, before i knew platforms, before i knew the ocean and where looks could take me. i was mislead and … Continue reading

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You’re Immortal in my Sky

Mutable sincerity sounds of crickets skipping throughout my torso in ostentatious breath so vivid in pursuit, so perversely aligned within exaltation. I wish to exhale you fully. Expire these daydreams. I withdraw beads of sweat and string our contrast, always in conflict, … Continue reading

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Portent Here

Migrate in reverse as omens hum lullabies in monotone. Black birds are the symbol of death. They might just be simple silhouettes. Predictions confuse their flight home. Auguries mistake flocks for clouds and thunder my soundness with doubt. There is … Continue reading

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Attempting REM

Seroquel watches the madness until the wake look at welkin, hoping sleeplessness could end after the alarms are set. Rationalizing mania through a prayer bound by an attempt to avoid begging                             (despite its synonym) leads her from sleepless to … Continue reading

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True Bitterness

Bitter is like the harsh lukewarm black eye I sip carelessly in the corner As the baristas gossip unwittingly behind the counter, “Thats crazy!” Is it crazy? Some have said I was crazy before so why not this morning? Bitter … Continue reading

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Dreaming a Dream

(Song written in India 2013) Caught in a world of colourful clouds Inside a shaded texture of peace Nothing but words dancing in my head To the playful beat from the sea Am I dreaming inside of a dream? Or … Continue reading

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