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my dear space, time will tell

i fear we won’t watch our facade cave in. amongst all my love, i really look forward to wearing coral lipstick. but last night, when you said you didn’t see my face paint, i’d wondered what else you were blind … Continue reading

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only if there’s a last supper after my “last supper…”

if i let my tongue burn, sometimes i think i would die. sometimes i think i would die if i let you fall under my breath where i hide my bread crumbs. it’s because they didn’t teach me misery right. … Continue reading

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As Silence Reflects

I click my bones against you to know my hollow. My skin shades in transparence until I am glass. I am fragile tainted glass; tinted, unworthy. My bones open for your transcendence. I welcome shatter. Please, your fire binds my … Continue reading

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tears mean nothing

sighs clean lips like doubt. i’m biting thoughts for attention. whisper in blinks. whisper in blinks. i scream in-between reality (only when he’s not looking). it’s terror by eternal permanent enamel. someone dug graves, i swear they sowed death up … Continue reading

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Barbies Ziplock Baggies

Oh shit. The dialing of eyes was reset! I was swaying in my beset, tender mucus slug rest, but my fingers were watching salt– They’re such inquisitive little things! Thoughts slanting on impulsive foolish adrenal nerve endings!! Let’s climb through … Continue reading

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You’re Immortal in my Sky

Mutable sincerity sounds of crickets skipping throughout my torso in ostentatious breath so vivid in pursuit, so perversely aligned within exaltation. I wish to exhale you fully. Expire these daydreams. I withdraw beads of sweat and string our contrast, always in conflict, … Continue reading

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a ribbon on my finger to remember

stretch a name for him and cobblestone. a torch rushes through my index finger; a manic refrain, a romantic gesture made to aggravate. recollect why the graves hold on to what they can– unraveling these hems, unraveling my head. tied … Continue reading

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“happy birthday.”

the Romans left out the tails from the tales of mer- babies. but those babies aren’t real. I’ll invert death, snort power, with powder for the babies butt. those babies aren’t high like ancient pitchers stained on display, pouring Sedgwick’s … Continue reading

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You always look dead when you’re sleeping.

Like a metaphor for burying the deceased, they cake on powder to burry their creases. Just pretend sleep keeps the skin salient like spit balls missing their targets… I was salivating at this thought to rehydrate acid tears from their … Continue reading

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Sea Salt

Who told salt not to carry so much weight in the ocean? I swear if you don’t tie that anchor around my ankle I’ll trail my hand down your chest… Yes, that is a threat.

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