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Mist of Azure

there, you begin. between a foreign utterance, you compel. “your blue is just bleu,” and nothing else. notice the namesake; yet she is as metallic as they come. as she comes to you by smoke with the lush of her … Continue reading

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only if there’s a last supper after my “last supper…”

if i let my tongue burn, sometimes i think i would die. sometimes i think i would die if i let you fall under my breath where i hide my bread crumbs. it’s because they didn’t teach me misery right. … Continue reading

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The philosophy of Santa

The crickets know my first name sdrawkcab|||backwards and annunciate in puzzles so the night is far less dim to my senses. Our pieces shade contrast. We break-even in consequence, my answers whisper for irrelevance as joy sleighs in the sky. … Continue reading

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It’s just grape juice.

Hush. That wisdom is overwhelming, intolerable placid chimes. Creases will find themselves branching, splitting to your temples                     (every sunday morning). And Christ confessed, it’s just grape juice, it’s a virus’ spread; golden rimed goblets passed through hands of gospel dwellers, … Continue reading

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drip drop, coconut cough drops; it’s for productivity’s sake, otherwise you’d look away. it’s the stranger’s mistake, caught in a tube-top… don’t stop! just look away! it’s for productivity’s sake. glances, not glares, not even stares! human’s don’t do that. … Continue reading

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Silk Chardonnay

Curiosity lingers on lazily woven threads dipped in salmon and laid loosely on my skin, charring my charade for what it’s worth. I make a toast like burning sage in hopes to take my fishy smell away or their nosey … Continue reading

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pull bullets out of your wallet

to make change for the vending machine. gas station miracles place two aisles of crap, stacked snacks, a fortress for the fat dressed up like a carwash drive-thru. beer cigarettes– check, check. I’m good. you good? check please– keep your … Continue reading

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Convince Those Characters

I plan and scratch my head, why haven’t their hairstyles changed in this lifetime? How can I bypass the clock and its tower that CLANKS to the same tone every Sunday morning? Every Sunday morning, “WOW!” Mickey mouse has evolved … Continue reading

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Step into the Coffee Shop

              I adjust to the fragrance and wish                   my mind would speak clearly                      so my tongue could blister                                —perfection—               But I’m thrown off by such stoicism               and allow for sighs to be exchanged               through a meet                                     and greet                                               and depart                   accompanied … Continue reading

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I Should Leaf

I feel my brow tense. Wrinkles pull at my face and turn me into a fallen leaf            like all the rest.           Because I want to rest.           Shrivel and brown           until my skin cracks           and sheds this body           from my … Continue reading

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