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Attempting REM

Seroquel watches the madness until the wake look at welkin, hoping sleeplessness could end after the alarms are set. Rationalizing mania through a prayer bound by an attempt to avoid begging                             (despite its synonym) leads her from sleepless to … Continue reading

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Lashes, Bats And a crooked smile; Sometimes that’s all it takes. Sometimes… Staches, Bags, And eyes to avoid; Sometimes it’s better that way. Sometimes… Sometimes I know my mistakes. Sometimes I fear yesterday. Sometimes                       I lay                               Awake.

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True Bitterness

Bitter is like the harsh lukewarm black eye I sip carelessly in the corner As the baristas gossip unwittingly behind the counter, “Thats crazy!” Is it crazy? Some have said I was crazy before so why not this morning? Bitter … Continue reading

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The Sea

(Song written in India 2013) These words are like the waves of salty water on the sand They come they go they push and flow They sparkle and fade through layers of glittering glass And roll round in endless symmetrical … Continue reading

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Standing still but awake Standing awake but still Still awake but standing Still but standing awake Awake  Awake Awake I can’t stand it Awake Awake Awake still Typing awake Loosing my sleep Keep me up in this desert heat Let … Continue reading

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