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they call it a panic attack… or acid flashback

i timed how many thoughts left and made their way past the moon. why did i drape in smoke? my thumbs stay active, flicking ashes, pretending sanity can be caught through a filter; i’m done spinning webs of my own. … Continue reading

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catastrophic grace

let me get a little crazy! let me disencumber,              OVER FLOW                      in vingar, puking birds over cuckoo’s nests where i rest my resting- less head in restlessness!!!!! pluck me formal formed feathers from cocks’ tails with a cocktail … Continue reading

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You always look dead when you’re sleeping.

Like a metaphor for burying the deceased, they cake on powder to burry their creases. Just pretend sleep keeps the skin salient like spit balls missing their targets… I was salivating at this thought to rehydrate acid tears from their … Continue reading

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