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i can’t find comfort in stretched canvas the way i use to. i see how you catch pigments between a watering colour— i spill. it’s the only way we know beauty, yet we’re dying. “we’re dying,” i said. i said. … Continue reading

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the phantoms grasp

when i gaze long enough into these melting sidewalks i can see myself as i was before; before i knew anesthesia, before i knew platforms, before i knew the ocean and where looks could take me. i was mislead and … Continue reading

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Mist of Azure

there, you begin. between a foreign utterance, you compel. “your blue is just bleu,” and nothing else. notice the namesake; yet she is as metallic as they come. as she comes to you by smoke with the lush of her … Continue reading

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those confessions

those stories from before… they synch us at our ankles so we lean to left as though leaving would tie the knot out of our stomachs. then we remind ourselves of our stories thereafter… we both despise the thought of … Continue reading

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evaporate the need

if the heat fell with june then, calf to thigh, you’d pleat into me. and breeze over. me, bare enough to remain wet. you could’ve rinsed the suds from under me.. instead i’d smile, cross, with crossed knees. i’d sip … Continue reading

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cynics know no light

i once begged visions of orange to loft their skin by their lashes, eager to mold reason through glances. but it all became mute in retroflextives. i figured the city put stars on a shelf with it’s swollen hands so … Continue reading

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wrangling dust

it’s a votive for confidence; a feather threaded through the ear, forging for motives spooled by powder or ashes. but there are no ashes for my sin never rests in bed. my watch still flares over chasm. a motto in quasi … Continue reading

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Haiku, Cry or Leaf

It’s Autumn in the Bags of your eyes and I try Not to fall with you

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A coral coloured cast.

My knight, I’m going mad in the shadows that the palm trees cast. Cast. Cast.                                        Casted, they were, for a play. Asked, they were, to vibrate like foreplay in the shadows we held over head. We were drowning in saliva … Continue reading

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my dear space, time will tell

i fear we won’t watch our facade cave in. amongst all my love, i really look forward to wearing coral lipstick. but last night, when you said you didn’t see my face paint, i’d wondered what else you were blind … Continue reading

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