Chai tea

It’s the first snow
footprints; we all fall
into them like smiles
and similes of what
it’s like to smile.

They think it’s the caffeine but the
path would be sneezing by now.
Instead they should ask what it means in a
name. Except their only consern is caloric

calling for,

Did you order a venti Cancer?”

Maybe you should read
the small print, this won’t
bless your heart. Oh, but
bless your heart, you poor thing!
You afford this drink but you can’t
pronounce freeze and one woman
even wanted a tall tae chi! Okay,

I digress. I have years knitted
into coffee sleeves. But that’s
just knowing the warmth
of translation. It’s similar
to the smile they seek
when tip-toeing in line
to avoid the track that
hasn’t been steamed.


About Robyn

"If you haven't known insanity, you haven't lived."
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One Response to Chai tea

  1. mizgaroda says:

    Nice shot of poetry with the caffeine to break up the smoothness, kind of like mint in sugar or something. Two voices rapping.


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