as we dim

take me in bites.
take me in bites.
          you are memory.

teeth grind
for florescence– i am white.

no, i am errored.

i am flushed for innocence:
such rush feeds my senses
until pure binary blackens

this lives design
to define me…

                    i must dim.

i pull windows from screens. eyes are closing,
you are humming in scream. you persist, you
          into me,

to overheat under covers.
i project musk and sparks.
i am output and out of
          i shift.
                    i delete.
adjust my wirings. foil
my veins. fix me, down.

i am faltering.

we gasp in pixels.


* This is a response to one of my first assignments in a poetry class. The prompt is to seductively write using inspiration from the word ‘robot’ while appealing to all 5 major senses. The trick is that myself and my classmates were asked to compile a list of words that came to our minds when thinking of a ‘robot’ only to be told that we could not use any of these terms in our poems.
PLEASE LEAVE FEEDBACK OF ANY KIND! I would be infested in your interpretations especially!!!!

About Robyn

"If you haven't known insanity, you haven't lived."
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5 Responses to as we dim

  1. Ryan Wilbur says:

    I interpret this as N losing its self in the duality of what it is and what the audience sees it as, I think there’s a lot of great word play, as in windows and screen, bites/bytes, cntrl shift delete. I could even see this extending into the realm of gender roles and the sort of automatonic motions that we go through. There seems to be a mixed signal coming from the N as well, with the need to dim (which I think of turning off) vs how the “you” effects the N, and it’s struggle to not be defined by proxy. I guess I get a feeling of unwanted eroticism that is emphasized by N faltering, and once they form the collective ‘we’ then they experience a gasp in resolution.


    • Robyn says:

      Thank you so much for sharing this!!! I really appreciate your interpretation on what i was trying to express and truly think you’ve grasped the emotion i was attempting to project. I love your connections to gender role as well, it has me reading my poem with another frame of mind, thank you :)


  2. “We gasp in pixels” Ah I love how this line seems to address the way we have shifted our identity to the technical sphere. How we project ourselves via social media is almost more real than true sexuality for the modern world. Great poem!

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