Splash* (revisited)

I want to collect you in buckets–
drop by drop.
When they said time might fly
it was because they heard
it could stop.
We started those rumours,
proving them by storms
as children jump in puddles;
               they admire our lightening,
               they question how we thunder,
               they envy what we’ve found (and keep finding)

                              at the end of each rainbow.

Now they plagiarize our rumours,
charade us in our storms
by their films emote caress;
               first glance as lighting,
               true love’s thunder,
               happily ever

                              “c’est fin” at the rainbow.

But we are no artificial fall,
I know this because splash
defines me in your enthrall.


* this poem is inspired by k but i realized my reference to an earlier poem I wrote about e titled “Let us be Splash*” and couldn’t help but notice how immensely contrasting the feelings were composed. that is why i titled this poem “Splash* (revisited)

About Robyn

"If you haven't known insanity, you haven't lived."
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