prostituting avalanche

that foam spread over mounds,
mountains of guilt wafted
for the sake of clarity.

there is more that can pass through such lips…

i was reciprocating
mutable charm to drip
off my chin–
but only on weekends.

he obliged, promised “trust”
after two nights of slow-motion.

but diamonds still break with erosion…

on weekends,
on street corners,
i was expected
to keep his flag still
as i lay detached in space.

as though ours would peak past the clouds…

i was expected
to hold my knuckles up
in salute with fingers crawling backwards
until we made them salivate.

but then what?

i already know that with every blow i’d fall down.

About Robyn

"If you haven't known insanity, you haven't lived."
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3 Responses to prostituting avalanche

  1. I love how explicit your writing is. Written so well <3

    Liked by 1 person

    • Robyn says:

      Haha! Ya, thanks! I was actually inspired to write this because a guy I was with a few months back just contacted me out of the blue, asking me to move to Cleveland and be his prostitute!!! I was like.. ‘Are you fucking kidding me?’
      Oh life— it can be unexpected


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