demersal trawl

i fumble my mouth
for words hidden deep
in pockets you’ve knotted.
you cast that net for my uncertainty
and i pray this won’t suffocate me.
though it’s only natural…
but this can’t be normal.

as if my breath couldn’t sink from hereafter…
as if my heart couldn’t drink any faster…

yet i’m sober– you wouldn’t know it,
you comment on the sparkle in my eyes.

they glitter, you say; loose change thrown away
to the bottom of a well. well, my wish was made
without precaution…
now my reflection radiates fear. i dive to the floor,
wrap myself in seaweed– scared of your warmth.

yet you say you’d jump, swim endlessly.
you say you’d do anything to find me.
you say you’d be here, should i sink
but don’t you realize what that all means?
it’s as though you’re saying you’d drown for me…


About Robyn

"If you haven't known insanity, you haven't lived."
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