You’re Immortal in my Sky

Mutable sincerity
sounds of crickets
skipping throughout
my torso in ostentatious
breath so vivid in pursuit,
so perversely aligned
within exaltation.

I wish to exhale you fully.

Expire these daydreams.

I withdraw beads of sweat
and string our contrast,
always in conflict,
but the solstice
is midheaven
in its auspice;
divinely chalking
footprints on my palms
–the edges of my Earth–
since the day I first met you.

The edges of my Earth,
I will take you there someday
and draw you, immortal, in my sky.

* this is a bit of a redo from my other poem, “Don’t Mind June” because I feel like I didn’t put much time in it or develop it thoughtfully and I really only like a few lines from it… I’d like to take the other and get inspired all over again… hmm

About Robyn

"If you haven't known insanity, you haven't lived."
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