karmic doodoo

taken by evil eyes of isis this time,
remind me of cycloptic standards
of bindi voodoo–

it’s mumbo-jumbo

karmic doodoo…

stigma or stanzas of siddhartha’s worth?
holy bread ‘oms’ with cardboard girth–
num num!
buddhist nun.

prayer the departed in uncharted masses
of clouds, stairways, gates, boxes, flames–

over and over and over
life after life afterlife


find ka.
find ba.


timeless texts are too elderly
to know if i’ll ever find me
in here,
out there,
through prayer…


About Robyn

"If you haven't known insanity, you haven't lived."
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One Response to karmic doodoo

  1. tt4r says:

    And I like your words, be do, find you, me too. My paintings of the mind’s spread is the eyes of isis and horis, and the cycloptic punch-out, our line-up with the world out there!

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