Why we envy the sloth.

These slender words are lying when they say
that you were laying beneath a tree like a sloth.
Because your not singular, there are no digits
to ever multiply or rationalize the authenticities
of energy equaling mass and squaring some root
of a fickle tree that of which a sloth now swings;
lazily, lazily, lazily dancing, shifting with the breeze.
The sloth is not slayed or seized by the scrutiny of
these words and their symbols wrapped in syllables
or symbols that are guided by symmetry
or lies and lies of the symbols
that tell us of symmetry
                    of none and
                    of two
                    or even three
                    or even
                    or uneven
                    or equal
                    or unequal
                    or divided divide divide your attention
                    for just another millisecond
                                                  or second
                                                  now minute
                                                  to hour
                                                  to day
                                                  to week
                                                  to month
                                                  to year
                                                  to century
                                                  to millennium millenium;
                                                  a conundrum conundrum.
Sloths aren’t delusional. They’re lucky


About Robyn

"If you haven't known insanity, you haven't lived."
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