To the Right

These palm trees don’t sway right
in the wind that doesn’t sting like
I can’t remember if thats where I began.
My spirit came alive where
                                    the air
                                          was salty
                      (and India was salty
                                              to me).
So I assume that’s why we turned left
                                                      and left before mango season…
Or maybe it was to celebrate my birthday
                     (for the twentieth time).

     I have no memory
Of almost everything,
                     (which is fine)
     but I need those elevator doors
     to take me to the seventh floor
                     (that might have been heaven
                     (but it was probably mania)).

         I need to look out on your balcony
                     (that was once our balcony)
            where palms swayed right in the
         wind or blew to the right/the East.
It all blows,
       I blew it,
       I know…

Now they look at me
                        and see someone else,
                                               I can tell
                                     but I can’t tell
                            you who I was,
                                   who I am,
                                   who I want to be.
I was all of that but that was not me.

It’s as if reincarnation might
only happen in this life
but I think that would mean
palm trees always sway right.


About Robyn

"If you haven't known insanity, you haven't lived."
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2 Responses to To the Right

  1. lishoy says:

    the seventh floor doors r always open


  2. adelegenevieve says:

    Love love love love love


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