Colour Theory

You are patterned in hypnotics
as though staring at the sun,
with every bleached strand
standing on
over the cliff
of our endless peaks.

I falter,
dizzied by spectrums that
saturate my ego and
keep my lungs steady;
anticipating a reason
to entertain your charm.

You have painted me in possession.
I try to number each stroke;
believing in code
in rhythm
in pattern
in fate.

Distracting myself with delusional schema.

“Until death do us part.”

I’m gasping for courage to
exhale you thoroughly in
our threshold withstanding
but I’m falling
for your hues transgressed
in this light. If only
there were no shades
to trigger the foreboding.
If only there was one shade
to sooth the transposing…

How to fade for a variegated grip?

My defiant vision obscures.
You’re kaleidoscopic
means frame my finality.
And I
won’t look down
until I am blind.
And I
won’t jump now
until I can find
your reason,
your purpose,
your telos;
my reason,
my purpose,
my telos–

Our end.


About Robyn

"If you haven't known insanity, you haven't lived."
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