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Stop, Go Slow

Those were the streets I grew up on; Madison, Wilson, Spring and Jackson. There were seven blocks to meet you and seven years for me to see that when I heard yellow, you meant to say green. I stopped when … Continue reading

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Placid lakes are accompanied by bums that walk their fringe, carrying cardboard prophecies and hollow Big Gulps from 7/11. They feed off the charitable                    (also known as the dim-witted) because they can’t see them sitting in skin as though bones … Continue reading

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When Spring is Awake

Lilacs will wilt off tiers of cemented sidewalks; a demented crosstalk.            Hold her high in stratum. Even if you were both constructed in stray,                                     contracted out of petty. It was an agreement to encapsulate beneath the dirt, between … Continue reading

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Why we envy the sloth.

These slender words are lying when they say that you were laying beneath a tree like a sloth. Because your not singular, there are no digits to ever multiply or rationalize the authenticities of energy equaling mass and squaring some … Continue reading

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Dilute me to subordinate.

I’m suffocated by the slightest sight. In the suns defense, I see spastically. Why don’t you stimulate me by submission? Or at least section off discretions for sanities sake! I suspect I am simpler then we first supposed…

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it’s not funny.

drop a banana peel. falling, feeling, heal? i was chasing chastity just down the block, before the church— i turned right, turn right, write right! “are you alright?” yes, i’m fine. but don’t believe me. if you believe me, you’re … Continue reading

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You Can’t Diagnose Worth

And I tried to make love to you but your a girl and I’m a girl who ignored the fact that we could still try but it would’ve taken effort that I don’t know how to give without leading you … Continue reading

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One Nightstand

Locked on top of damp newspapers stained in blackberries and smeared lipstick on the counter with keys to the car to the house to the meds go to bed. Clicking ashes in glass ovals under carpets hiding letters or checks … Continue reading

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.4g for You and Me

She’s a virgin to sin like muslim daughters and dirty bachelors from Connecticut– but the curries so good! I won’t be a vegan tonight. I won’t drive sober tonight. I’ll drink too much water laced in watermelon– or ecstasy? I … Continue reading

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Chords in Progression

Rip off my nylon strings. slide your hands around my waist, strum my neck and peck, and play me like a guitar.

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