Sentencing Lala

High is when the temperature is
Fashionably late and your heart
Is the strobe cruising along the
Arabian sea knowing you can
Drive to Dubai from Kannur
Within a day through the water
Held in a bottle of eye drops
Because anything is possible
When jazz makes the swings
See a child and his mother or
Shakti who morns the absence
Of Brahman while the fog sits
Over the valley of Shiva
As fireworks caress your skin
And make their way around the
Waist of Cleopatra and a figure
Built of glitter throwing flames
In drunken sailors eyes that
Have traveled from Israel in
Search of a bird sold down the
Road from the City Center
Painted in pastels and hiding
A mosaic of horses that I begged
To be mine but the mail doesn’t
Send laptops before the hospital
Holds mayan princesses
That have read the codes
Within a pop song about Brian
Eno realizing that shampoo can
Condition the mind to think
Anything and be anything
So she dressed up in everything
And decided that the colours held
Too much meaning which concludes
Nudity and virginity so its only
Rational to throw red seeds
Around the house upstairs
And pass the tea back to Katja
Cause she was trapped as the queen
Of werewolves or vampires
Just tricking another traveler
To be a sacrifice in the heat of
The sun at least until another
Eel washes upon the shore
Making a deva dance in yellow
As they pose for another picture
Behind sunglasses because
Last nights party on the roof
Took a beating under their eyes
When she mistook them for Gods
And cocaine for the answer and
The stars for the literature that
Told her why life is not eternal
As being 19 would mean that
Mangos should not be peeled
When walking down the stairs
In the darkness to your death
Even when the elevator could
Go faster if DJ Shine would stop
Obsessing over a virgo and just
Sell those shirts embroidered in
Yellow crop circles and coconut
Buttons that stir coconut oil
Used to toast jelly in the sand
Where we sat and smiled
Drinking ecstasy or eating
Bitter gourd before the plane
Took off on December 31st
And made rain fall on typed
Letters and photos of people
She was told she was until
The cameras battery was lost
And made her return with
No memories but messages
To be deleted in a spiteful
Dance that opened chakras
Until titanium screamed and
Turned her into a snake
Although when she looked in
The mirror there was nothing
But evil eyes appearing to a
Greek 19-year-old in a dream
That awakened a ghost to
Trance music strolls along
Suburban tides that were
Salty and uninviting but made
The sand swirl which was
Beautiful to get lost in while
Writing love notes to an old
Flame that drove to Chicago
One Halloween and joined her
For coffee and lips that are
Now coated in stolen minerals
Found on the beaches of Goa
Where stomping at night is
Required to catch crabs or
Make love with two Italians
That play the drums that are
Meant to keep time as 2012
Ends the life of Earth and throws
Consciousness into air to be sold
By her father between telephone
Wires so the United Nations can
Fail to control her matrix and
Business cards that were made
And collected from the spice King
And B Rock Obama that gave
Her a tour of his bus with a
Stripper pole as they laughed at
Grace who waits at the stripper
Club and has bad posture and it’s
Such a shame that she believed
That everyone knew iPhones
Were regulated by the simulation
Theorists complaining about
Birthday parties for rams in March
Because Krishna told you not to
Have cocaine tonight but you saw
Ani and how he saved you a couple
Lines then implored you to take off
Your shirt so the hairs on his chest could
Stand up like the statues in the park
Across from scientific Christian churches
That keep cowboy boots on muses
For the sake of dingos getting
Cacti for free at Walmart which makes
Pictures easier to read than poetry on
Wordpress from an assumed son
That she has to marry before her
Godmother dies of cancer like his
Mother had gotten cancer and thats
All she knew of Thrissur although
She knew Jijoy and thought he
Was more handsome than lying
Hindus feasting on Mascot resort
Off the cliff where I thought about
Jumping because the idea of my
Breath control being sunk with
Pranayama was the first time
Peaking and first time drinking
Alcohol and MDMA together
In a land where lala rhymes with
India and psychosis rhymes with U.S.
And both define how this crazy long
Sentence makes absolutely no sense.


About Robyn

"If you haven't known insanity, you haven't lived."
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