The Tale of Scorpius

She blinded him on the 14th.

He claimed those too naive
             were easy to deceive—
     too susceptible to dream.
(he said this before he met her)

Fate dealt them the cards,
forging a path with petals
like constellations of stars…
She followed them across the sky;

            trace,* trace,
         tracing * spades
        out and * out and
            and * * * out

most beautiful diamonds—
                           hail the scorpion.

Neither could see in the dead of the night
          if their love was anything more than
                                                               a myth
                                                               a lie.
She mistook passion.
He mistook obsession.
She put on a facade.
He preached as if God.

      The daylight never came for Aristotle.
(he remained blindfolded and on his knees)

Too bad he couldn’t see the dawn
of their devotion had been devised
and designed by she;
                             the goddess,
                             the huntress,


About Robyn

"If you haven't known insanity, you haven't lived."
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