Lose Me

Walking through grains,
Everything is visible

                         But empty.

Define the way your spirit moves,
I’ll watch you float through the mist.

You falter like a palm.
You open your palm.
You reveal your lines.

All I ever see are lines—
                         Everywhere lines.

                         Everywhere lies.
Speaking out in twine,
I’ll keep my words visible

                         But empty.
Take me,
String me together,
Weave me a heart.
I plan to spiral apart.

I was only meant to see,
       Content to be empty.

Don’t look for an answer
       Because you will find it.
You will find many…
But you will lose yourself
       And you will lose me.

Wrap yourself in dreams,
They will keep you warm at night.
Dissolve your memories.
Release your thoughts.
Let them move
       Let them float
              Through the mist.
Don’t follow them.
Leave them from your spirit.
Relieve them from your spirit.
                         Leave me.
                         Relieve me.
I am content
                         To be



About Robyn

"If you haven't known insanity, you haven't lived."
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