Washed Away

Immerse in the thoughts of yesterday,
Beneath the airy mist that soars past the moon—
It can’t hide it forever,
     But in this moment,
                      It is faded.

It has become pale amid the dreams of tomorrow.
The tide pulls away every vision,
                          Now growing dull
                         In the lucid clarity
                                          Of today.

With time the current tears,
Letting out waves of possibilities
That shiver in a progression of
            R h      t h
                     y        m i c

The morning has yet to arrive
But the stars promise that it will—
                 Washing away all

Step closer into the unknown…
Feel the way the tide draws in any lingering doubts;
It caresses and captivates
    The slightest hesitation.

Welcome to the deep—
          Into the forlorn…
Where presumptions of every waking present are
Roused by the very perception that life
Could be quite the contrary;

         Pleasurably disturbed
                                                               perpetually changing.

There is not a whisper to contest.
There is no one to oppose.
        Vibrations surround and excavate every soul.
              Leading to the illusional sense of purpose.

Treading is exemplary,

Drowning is inevitable.


About Robyn

"If you haven't known insanity, you haven't lived."
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