I don’t feel all right,
I don’t feel okay,
I actually feel utterly happy!
I don’t want to sleep,
I don’t need to eat,
Not when I am completely happy!
But what did you say?
Why must you put it that way?
What is wrong with being so happy?
You say I’m manic—
What does that mean?
I finally feel happy
And and now your telling me
That it’s all in my head?
I should go to bed?
That I should be fed?
I heard what you said!
But I say:
I am so happy!
I am so thrilled!
Why are you giving me a pill?
You think that I’m crazy?
Because I like how I’m feeling…
Well I LOVE how I’m feeling!
And now your telling me
That my mind is unreeling?
And this pill will do all the healing?
I say there’s nothing wrong!
Not with my brain!
But YOU are all wrong!
For calling me insane!
I’ve never been this happy!
I’ve never felt this way
But I sure hope this feeling will stay!
I will not take those pills!
I will not calm down!
I will not sit still!
I will NOT wear that gown!
Don’t put that needle in me!
All because I’m happy?!
You are just jealous of me!
You only wish you were this happy!


About Robyn

"If you haven't known insanity, you haven't lived."
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