Reflection: Philosophy 3308 001, Day One

Here they sit thinking that their ego is enough; they spend so much energy wrapping themselves in elaborately arranged particles, taking in an aromatic collection of substances that spark a series of chemical reactions within their anatomic selves, admiring the devious placement of useless, immediately tangible objects that unjustly mask the critical structure behind it.
It’s demeaning to notice it’s all a facade.
It’s a distraction from the truth–
From the meaning of life
And the pure beauty of it.
Nature, space and purpose.
Instead of directing their attention to the art of being,
All they do is project what they know—
Correction: What they think they know.
Peel off the layers of their existence and what’s left is an ethereal finite sense of time and circumstance, an unwritten, unforgiven past of actions delivering inevitable consequences. Every minute experience is shattered into a million of equated truths that govern their present moment. Every choice, decision and failure is directed by their past, by what they’ve been taught, told and what they’ve observed. They laugh and they cry and they preach for the sake of life, as if to validate their existence.
But in attempt to demonstrate individuality comes absolute hypocrisy through an inescapable effort of compliance.
They will still venture to express their life as such and such Acting in accordance to their specific set of morals that are claimed to be unlike anyone else’s. Others will tell them they are conformist or they are rebellious but ultimately they are all the same. Those who comply to societal norms are guided by the same forces of those who are “defiant.” Either way, they latch onto that label given upon the birth of particular actions and opinions, both internal and external, that actually stem from the heavily rooted reality of existence.
The idea that they, as individuals, give importance to their definition of self that is said to have a unique quality, a singular significance among the division of surrounding cells,
is wrong.
All life is essentially parallel.
There is a unity between every entity that is strung through a dimension far more tangled than that of physical, mental and emotional coincidence. It draws upon the concepts of history. Yesterdays influence is the silent echoes of their past that rings far beneath their subconscious. When they travel beyond the confines of their immediate thoughts and complete knowledge, they find the end of suffering; the essence of non-being..
Whats after that they say is to be nothing but that can be an empty dissolution (as all that they experience in life). What if it began another carnation that, once again, entered a vivid exploration of what they can only predict to be another form of life as they do, or possibly don’t, currently know it? If it is the later, is it worth searching for within the confines of this time? The discovering of an alternative samsara…
This would be profound.
But would it be possible for them to find? Would they recognize it? Or would it be eradicated by their limited perception through its very observance? Have they already found it but failed to notice it amidst the haze of tomorrows expectations?
Their assumptions that everyday ends to bring another gives them the power to maintain a clarity that is created through their senses. Without their determination to feel the impressions that are conjured by the realization of form— be it sight, sound, smell, taste, or touch— they would be without the facade. If they were to validate another subsistence bellow the one that they are so inclined to believe exists, would they wind up adding it to their ever-growing understanding of subjective and objective aspect-ratios? Or would they be able to give an advanced meaning to the abnormal characteristics of such a design?
They would either integrate or lose it within their persistent cycling of learnt and forgotten. If they were able to delineate this idea and distinguish it from the life they know, it would still become a part of their history; adding an unnerving twist in their compromise of individuality but allowing proof behind the theory of oneness, unity and immeasurable interconnection.
If they could unearth this apprehensible thought (that disturbs those who insist the only conceivable truth is that of free-will), the conviction that all are different and, there for, separate will be dismissed. To unveil even a fraction of proof would transform the common concepts of reality and change the course of time. They would finally be able to agree that this type of existence demands a revolution of unification.
Envisioning inner and outer peace.
They will see that this way of living is attainable through the recognition of such an existence which lies within everything and nothing at the same time but is able to dissolve any concepts of divergence by giving reason a clarification of adjacent complexities.
The result: Thinking they know— to knowing WE know.
Or not…


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"If you haven't known insanity, you haven't lived."
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