Showering the city in
A circumference
Orbiting around some
Idea that maybe
Things would have been
If I spoke to you now,
If you gave me chance
    To be myself,
The way I used to be
Before my mind was
        In Itself
For the month of
Maybe life would be
    To live,
Maybe love would be
    To give.
But maybe the irony
Of returning to this
Place where we
    Walked and
Until the break of
Dawn, is just another
Less of not bothering
To keep my thoughts
From wandering
    Into the past;
When I wasn’t sure of
      Or even
Perhaps the fate of the
Where the city brings back
Is nothing more
Than a fiction I have to
Come to
    Terms with.
Nothing happened.
Nothing exists,
In the present,
With you.
And the experiences,
Through that month,
Are not something I would
        Or re-live;
Even for the sake of
Seeing you


About Robyn

"If you haven't known insanity, you haven't lived."
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