Responding to Death

“Why not live?
Why do I have to die?
No one has done it yet–
Live forever–
Why not try?
Why not cease all the opportunities distinctly riddled with rhythms and rhymes?
Why not listen to all that white noise?
Where the only escape of fate relies on dream?
When what matters so much are our falsities?
Our consciousness unravels by our perception of time,
Chasing a theory that we make in our minds.
We hope and we pray for the future to unfold
Only to realize the present is inevitable.
To live in our wishes is to get lost in the unseen
If only for the moment it isn’t our reality.
And when our lives come to show and prove
That all we had dreamt has finally come true,
I can humbly say it won’t be enough
Because you can’t escape yourself,
Try as you must.
You’ll always be unhappy
If you think life is too tough.
The thing we must face in this race to display
Ourselves as anything more than nobody
Is the fact that
We are just that.
So be who you are, and don’t give up the fight
To define yourself all day
And return in the night
To that sweet retreat
Where the unconscious takes over
And defines deaths again
Until you awake from your slumber.
As far as I know,
I am not dead yet.
At least in this perception,
I have some time left.
And when that time comes
Then I will believe
That death is inevitable,
Even for me.”


About Robyn

"If you haven't known insanity, you haven't lived."
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