Loves Sweet Drug

— This is one of my favourite songs I would sing to the stars in India, sort of my own lullaby, sort of my heart lying like a dead washed up sea alien… but whats the difference?–

I don’t even know you
But im trying to create you– for my
Own sanity,
Its killin me

I dont need to be assured,
I’ve stopped questioning why
All i need is loves sweet drug
And you on my side

Surly you cant see it
Trust me and you’ll feel it– its like
It runs so deep

You will begin to believe,
You may take your time
All you need is love sweet drug
And me on your side

So try to seduce me
But without looking at me– this means
To truly,
Be enthralling

Let our love take over
But stay true when its over- cause its
Like everything

We may find ourselves hopeful
We could be here just for the ride
Yet all we want is loves sweet drug
Until the end of time


About Robyn

"If you haven't known insanity, you haven't lived."
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