Chemical Destiny

You asked me if I loved you,
I asked you if I’d die.
I asked you how long it would take
And if I would have to try.
I told you life was too hard,
I told you it wasn’t worth a wink.
You told me just to calm down,
You told me not to think.
We went down to the water,
I lay there for a while.
You started to caress me,
I started to smile.
I felt your presence shake me
I mistook it for the wind.
Until my heart beat faster
And my head began to spin.
I knew that it was you, dear.
Seeping through my blood.
Vicodin, stay true dear;
You hurt me but I should–
Just take another breath
And get lost in our misery,
As we lay here twinned together
In chemical harmony.
Tonight I will stay true, dear
Tonight I belong to you
So long as you can charm me
And entrance me like you do.
You know the nights grow colder
When you are not around.
So embrace like the lover
That I never found.
Control me so completely,
Take advantage of my state.
Drown my soul entirely
And save me from your grace.
Let the heat take over,
Don’t let my heart subside
Until the very moment
Of my demise.
Too much of your love
Is just enough for me.
So Vicodin stay true, dear.
It’s chemical destiny.


About Robyn

"If you haven't known insanity, you haven't lived."
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