Black and Blue

Fluorescent pixilations of a world so serene,
Dissolve to create what she believes to be
Fabricating labored faces, tracing lines under their eyes–
The oppressive hunt of time.
She awaits in line.
Illusions of a life, of a will, of a fear;
What success, what dream can keep her here?
Nothing is visible, nothing is clear.
But the nostalgia,
But her disease,
The longing to be apart of hue-manity.
Removed by her questions
She’s forfeited her name
To be anything more than possibly insane.
Motivated by truth, she entrusted her youth
To the chemicals that bent and scarred her brain.
For the search of clarity, a complexion of revelry,
She seized all she’d once seen and obscured her memory.
Withdrawing from ambitions that defined everything.
Now left wilted and dead,
Pigments melted in her head.
Tinting the life she once knew
To a shade:
Black and blue


About Robyn

"If you haven't known insanity, you haven't lived."
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