Unraveling Thoughts

(In psychosis, USA)

The world was once flown into orbit
The tides just wouldn’t stand still
They’d crash and calm fast as our minds let
Until we separated our souls will
Lost and fried, dazed and confused
Trapped in our own minds
Losing sight of you
Caste and poured, rot and nude
Molded through control of
Separated views
Now we are lost and think we’re listening
Interpreting dreams and looking for matching hearts
But nothing will ever add up as precisely,
Nothing will ever truly win
Because you are the man and i the women
We are different codes
Different forms
But we were made to fit
And thats infinite
So whose to say your the one
If your writing matches my sun
Anothers in-expression makes my heart sink
While another man won’t even blink,
He will wink and i will shrink
So who holds the answer? The key to my heart?
Mother father, sister brother
The one from the start?
But he doesn’t listen and he acts not to care,
why is it this way when im am fully prepared?
Time will unravel,
Show and tell,
The secrets and wishes that we thought of well
It will let my true son shine and it will let me watch him grow
Like a banyan tree in the snow
Like when the world first started to form
When the stars first collided
When the love grew more everyday
As the colours moved from grey


About Robyn

"If you haven't known insanity, you haven't lived."
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