(Song written in India 2013)

How to know this love is real
Or a mirror projection;
Thought I was dancing with you,
But it was only my reflection.

Swaying with my shadow
Cause theres nothing left to do,
Wish for something more
But its up to you.

Oh what is love but a mirror projection?

How to know whats on your mind
If you never speak it
Always playing with my heart
But will you ever seek it?

Your journey has been empty
Cause you’re lacking in trust
Wish i was yours to see
But that is only lust.

Oh what is love but a souls reflection?

Does your conscious waver
When she calls your name?
Are you present when I’m silent
In this serenade?

Lost in my own melody
Cause this song has an end.
Wish you would sing with me
But it never began.

Oh what is love but some invention?


About Robyn

"If you haven't known insanity, you haven't lived."
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