My Mistake

(In psychosis, USA)

I’m in love with the winner
Kept trying to steal my heart
But I wouldn’t let him take it
I wouldn’t let him chart
When he did it in the end, he found were less then friends
I shouldn’t have revealed what I know, now I’m in the hole
This secret of reality keeps me from blinking
It keeps me from thinking like I should have thought
The shyness of my eyes, the batters and the cries
From broken home of loneliness all caught up in the dark
I never feared anything more than thoughts of him
I always questioned everything like songs and hymns
I dreamt, made up and disbelieved all moments of the truth
Just so I could come back home to trace back my youth
They called me back like dogs, howling in the wind
They watched my every movement and recognized my sin
I never apologized at all for what I’ve learnt or what I did
I sat with perfect posture and gestured fuck u to them
Now I sit here blinded, what was i to do?
Was that poem real, or really from you?
I don’t like this game we play, it breaks my heart at night
When I want you lying next to me, hungry for a fight


About Robyn

"If you haven't known insanity, you haven't lived."
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