First Writing back in the States

Wet cloth clings to my body
The way you did when we first met
Cant kiss these lips so salty
The way you want to as we’ve parted by the sea

Why did they come and get involved?
I was trying to evolve
I was trying to take over,
Living life in technicolour

Now I’m back here in the states, and nothing makes sense but my mistakes
Nothing corrects my fickle dreams but the bright future of possibilities
Opportunity is rightfully mine, but when will it come in this time?
If their watching over me, how come it hasn’t come so quickly?

I keep writing things down and mulling it over
As if there wasn’t enough to uncover
But what’s been revealed is beauty and still,
I have to take over without his quill

I want to dance on the cloud that I created, I want to run free in the us almost naked, I want to be the next renaissance woman, take over the world and type it again


About Robyn

"If you haven't known insanity, you haven't lived."
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