Blameless Accident

Adjacent to the thoughts of morrow
I left my heart to be filled with sorrow
Remembering a time of day and life
Struck with the feeling of death at night
Tracing my fingertips in the air
The music beats such fine persuasion
Listen to the time travel closely to my senses
I can here it beat to my heart
Filling my heart
Tearing me apart
Taking me from my home
Leaving me to roam, to roam, to roam…

Call this trinity a blameless accident
Tell me that we’re all the same
Remind me that I never grew crazy
Remind me that you still love me the same

Geometric patterns left filling the mind
Crystallized visions become desensitized
Making sense of lost disillusions
Seems like such a waste of time
Stomping the pavement of this sleepy suburb
Counting down the days to escape
Entrapped in the silence
Filtering the noise
Get a high from the ceiling
The sheltered decoy
Look for a home
Where’s home?
No home


About Robyn

"If you haven't known insanity, you haven't lived."
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