A through S

Always alone in my mind, alluring.
Awaken the arbitrary senses of fate.
Belittling the broken beat of my heart,
Betrothed to the boy whose bound to tear it apart.
Captured by a clowns cowardly reflection.
Corrupt in his ways, craving attention.
Dwindling down is a damsel in distress,
Days deep in doubt waiting for death.
Erupting her soul for enduring encounters,
Embedding her thoughts in etched flounders.
Forgetting the fights her mind once forged.
Follow the friend whose finished and bored.
Gauging truth in the grounds she graced one day,
When gallant was gruesome and gave it away.
How does he think she is handling now?
Hearing the hauntings she only talks about…
Impressions take in illustrative aims,
Initialing letters incising the insane.
Just jump past the moment she fell in love,
Jesus jotting down jargon from heaven above.
Kindly keeping her corrupt memories,
Killing every reminder of insanity.
Languish in the lingering feelings
Lost losing to learning to loving again.
Masking mountains of momentary fear,
Missing the mindless mutable tears.
Now the numbing of night takes over,
Nestled in the nearest knot of never
Overwhelmed by oppressed stipulations,
Obligated by over stimulated visions.
Populate her soul with probability,
Pouring pity and please for sobriety,
Quit counting the quivers and shakes,
Qualifying how the heart breaks.
Renouncing her right to reality aside,
Recollecting remorse for those who abide.
Silly she sought him so simply before,
Shuttering her single selection implore.


About Robyn

"If you haven't known insanity, you haven't lived."
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