India I

I cant think properly here
Im hearing and hearing this weary unclear
Im missing my souls deep obsession
Its 180 around this gravitation
He had dark eyes that empty with recognition
Of a love and truth ambition
His head was full of such wisdom and love
My flight became flattered and looped till it drove
It dove and dived my mind to a rhelm
When i knew heaven to be that of hell
I saw the equals of the two
To be the same as something new
The new is now and that lish taught
Thats when it all came together, all theory and thought
My wishes became reality faster than my eyes could bear
So they called me crazy, strapped in a chair
They fed me pills and every time i woke up
I felt my head pulse like id shot myself
Id look at my arms and feel on my legs
Bruises bigger with bite marks in
Now my heart sinks, at a sunken thought
Praying to nothing, begging not to get caught


About Robyn

"If you haven't known insanity, you haven't lived."
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