What Bhagavad Gita taught me.

Oh okay, I see how it is,
You played the game, you controlled the kids.
You told them, scolded them, let them cry and win,
Win at the thing that you only began
So here you are now, surrounded in your own mess,
You wanted separation, you wanted life and lifeless
And now your stuck here puzzling in thought,
Can’t figure how to get yourself out
But its not about you and them,
Controlling your own mind only leaves them to fend.
So every time you think you’ve done it, you’ll only return,
Just to find that the sun still burns
Now here I am trapped in your creation,
Recognizing that everything you’ve done is my realization
So I’ve made the choice to fix this,
By reversing through silence with you as my guide, my ticket
To release us free of this never ending cycle you once thought had no end,
When it really does have a moment of forever heaven
It has a moment of supreme peace,
Nirvana, truth and serenity
All it takes is a love so near,
Acceptance from all and happiness so dear
Expression of these emotions aligned,
Should surely fix this mistake of mine
It will bring a balance, vanish time and space,
So only our souls are connected by grace
It is in this moment that we will truly see,
That feeling is more beautiful than make believe
That love can truly connect us all,
If we close our eyes and let ourselves fall
It might be scary but we are not scared,
We accept that this life does what it dares
We carry no fear or grief for the past,
Reaching only for the moment; because the moment will last


About Robyn

"If you haven't known insanity, you haven't lived."
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