Trickle down, words of yours, pass me onto he.
The one that had the rhythm, the one that haunted me.
Take me down to the sands to be carried into sea.
Where my voice escapes my thoughts and drags my memory. 
Sway me on the shores where I danced alone before.
Whisking my heart away as if you don’t want me to stay.
Laugh into my face when you tell me this was your plan.
Only now do I want and beg to understand.
I read between the lines so fine I drive myself insane.
Tears begin to reemerge, reality starts to drain.
Lasping in slow motion, caught between the tides.
Grasping onto nothing but afternoon strides.
Listening for music, more questions, answers, clues.
Finding myself nowhere but at nothing left to do.
Figures drawn into my head like a sword into my heart.
Handsome faces beckon me to just press restart.
When thrown out of orbit for the thirteenth time,
Its hard not to ponder why, why, why?


About Robyn

"If you haven't known insanity, you haven't lived."
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