For Lish, cause he asked for it.

You slaughtered the red robin on the road,
It flew for a second only to explode.
Its guts sprawled out for all men to see,
You held me high, feed me lies, I your trophy.
I was so caught up and thrilled with the obsessions
Living in every moment became my addiction.
I said yes, yes, yes, lets do it again, more for me
And you had to make virgin Mary happy.
I controlled you with my innocence and my lies
I whipped you around, shouted and cried
Lish, wish, take a second or two,
Review that what you learned is what I was brought up to do.
I come form the US, you can’t understand, 
Love is freer than a breath of fresh air.
You thought I was stupid, a foolish young soul
Little did you know who was in control.
I made you act in a timeless lovers game,
Had you in my grip with my haunting serenade.
Feeding you silly with an American dream.
Sorry love, but sexism is mean.


About Robyn

"If you haven't known insanity, you haven't lived."
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