Cycle of Life

I just watched life die
It changed colours before my eyes
It swam around the water still
Loss of roots and loss of will
It felt so wrong, but taste so right
It was I who killed this life tonight

They let me get away with murder
They let me shoot and gun with murmur
They jazzed my hands and wiggled my feet
They freed arial from the sea
They let me be me, they let me be free
Free from the backwards front name of reality
Thank you government,
Thank you America
You are my rightful savior,
My rightful queer era.
You saved me from the oil spill, the terrorist attacks and the metaphorical pill
You saved me from the scum, the cum and the right of will
You have the power and you gifted me that, I’ll gift you your justice, ill be your cat
Ill wear my pajamas every new year, with shiny new silk like Christmas cheer
I love all your jokes, your humour and smokes, so light one up under a mint leaf
Let me drink to the warriors, the founders and the swamies
Let me get excited in my intoxicated love, like I did when i knew their was no heaven above
Like I did when i realized I was on your screen, like I will when you choose me


About Robyn

"If you haven't known insanity, you haven't lived."
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