(Written in India 2013)

The bravery of a butterfly
drifting over the sea
The insanity of its flutter-
over waves crashing.
They don’t fear for moment
they are fine ,they just be
Be within the motion:
of infinity.

Symmetry becomes them,
With the pattern of their wings,
Fluttering in the darkness-
Ever changing.
The life they lived before this,
The moment before they were still,
Was one of slow time traveled-
Metamorphosis of will.

I once was a butterfly,
Floating in the wind,
The faster that i flew,
Faster time would end.
It’d be there for a second,
Then a fraction even less,
Until I’d be gliding-
Harmony endless.

I want to feel that feeling-
That balance of control.
I want to loose myself completely-
Only to become whole.
But how to wisper loud enough
So everyone can know-
That its not about this life,
But our lives as a whole.

(I always felt they knew
Something more than I
Finding myself being followed
Watched by its four eyes
I always knew the third one
Exists on me and you
But why is there a fourth
And what does it do?)


About Robyn

"If you haven't known insanity, you haven't lived."
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