Bitches on Fire

I knew all the answers from the very start
I asked all the questions, they refused my art
I wanted obsession, they gave me depression
They handed me the answers to ever question

So now i have to pick a key or phase

A song so young, it doesn’t have a name
And unleash an era of new selfishness
That will bleed and throw greed onto the rest

I want to be the new Cher, if he is my sunny..

I just don’t care if they find it funny
I will take this Disney land by storm
This Martin Luther pricked thorn
I will sit on a thrown made of books
Sculpted of cassette tapes and riddled with nooks
I will feast on the paper that was left for me to fire
In flames for an army, in flames for desire
I sought and I sucked far too much blood
As Robyn, drama queen from her hood
Now its time for me to stand tall
And show you all what spring is without fall

Let them speak, let them eat
Without the digression
Let them florish till their filled without the obsession
Let them dance in the nude under any circumstance
Let them be free to wander and dance

Let them mother when they want, let them sing to the stars
Let them build on their trees as the US builds on mars
Let them bee the queens of their own nest, let them live in peace forever restless
Let them howl in the night, let them see with no sight,

Let them breath burning flames let them speak their own names,

Let them choke on a smoke or let them die for thrill,

Let them live for god, allah or brahmans will.

Let the bitches, the witches, on fire.


About Robyn

"If you haven't known insanity, you haven't lived."
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