Control, Options, Shift, Delete

Its not about love, yet its all you need
It’s not about hate yet they choose to greed
They chose to fight for things seen
They chose to dance to completely nothing.
But we are women and what we know is beyond what you understand or control
Women of empowerment, women with power, representing the men that wait by the hour
We will not be discrete
We will not admit defeat,
We have control, options,
Shift, delete

Life is a riddle and so they think to rhyme
As if women can’t perform in this time
As if women can’t lead or fight to be free
From the tangles they’ve messed and the culture they lead

Some choose to forget what they’ve seen and forgotten,
I choose to listen to even single molt and
Every single lava, and java of the flame and heat
The fire of the karma is the fire under my feat
I will not be discrete
I have the power
Control, options,
Shift, delete
Hour after hour

El presidente of this sound
The Ahtnamas of the ground
The princess of American history
The rightful owner of your story.


About Robyn

"If you haven't known insanity, you haven't lived."
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