Recollection Part i (in no order)

Walking, slowly walking, I was floating, I knew it.

This isn’t what I thought it would feel like to be a ghost. I just won’t touch anything, move anything.

Tip toeing up the steps to tell my dad, he needed to accept it and let me go, I can’t stay here haunting this place.

“Daddy? I’m dead.”

That didn’t go well. I brought out the band names, the lyrics, everything that kept time, trying to explain the power of sound. Useless.

I packed a backpack. Full of useless shit, I can’t even remember that now. Lie. There was a Doctor Sues book, “Oh the places you’ll go.”

He chased me outside, I promised I’d be back. I couldn’t be sure. No destination.

The town had flooded again, only this time it was my fault. I was crying too much, I brought this back, to show them the seasons. I wanted to make something of all of their trash– resist to touch again, resist to feel something real.

I left things along the way, buried something valuable in every bin.

By the next day I collected it all again only to find myself still existing.

What a massive trip. Still tripping.


About Robyn

"If you haven't known insanity, you haven't lived."
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