Those Other Girls

Feline Leo sees their souls, she uses her powers to control, her confidence defeats a girl like me that is happy enough to ponder than fully succeed. My success is measured not by my creations but by enriching minds that fuel the nations. I suppose we all contribute in waves, latching onto certain currents that waver and fade.

I met a Scorpio that stood the test, she loved me so and was obsessed. She wanted to by a bird from India to take it back it Israel. “Why not?” I asked her saddened eyes, mine had become numb to the caged demise.

The Taurus’ follow me and haunt me wherever I go, they bring me back down to the Earth they hold. They convince me that my babbles all lies, something I get but see far past their narrow eyes. Connecting more than just greek mythology but numbers, art and alchemy.

Aries, my dearest of fire and flame, she is amused by my ability to flutter again and again, despite what all the doctors proclaim.

Cancer, you bitch, you witch, you had us all fooled, now they think they all die because of you.

Pieces, my sister, or brother, just friends? I could be more with you till the end. But that might be just my head in the clouds, or evaporation that feeds what we surround.




About Robyn

"If you haven't known insanity, you haven't lived."
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