The Count

I can’t stop writing and waiting like so
My heart keeps pumping, feet jumping
When will you come home, the answers unknown
Your soul’s not searching, mind thirsting
Trust in the clock that ticks like my thoughts
Fully loving to simply wondering
Slowly it moves but quickly its caught:
Cut up in the count, the count of life
The first time our souls collided was the second that our eyes met
And in three ways we fell in love
The fourth time we chose to forget
Of five ways I see to love you
Its the sixth thats the best
The seventh comes with doubt
But the eighth buts that to rest
I’d count to nine but that brings ten
And then we could start all over again.
So let us play this foolish lovers game
My emotions are flying, eyes are crying
No ones to blame, baby you can’t feel ashamed
Your minds suppressing, your souls guessing
Just remember its all just waves and raves
They keep my head spinning, impatience winning
Slowly it moves but quickly we want
Wanting it now, here in this life


About Robyn

"If you haven't known insanity, you haven't lived."
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