Welcome to May 2013

Im gonna rule on their books their nooks and crannies

hide inside suns duds and grannies
feast my eyes over hell in may
and wait until he comes my way
ill keep him shy of my blue eyes
make him rest until she cries
clear the memory of rice and clay
as their populations fade
ill send my wolves to hunt them down
feast on food that they found
enrich in the emails gold
until its just too much to hold
i want to engage in such astral sounds
that the human race is so deeply profound
by me and my witching devil ways
to crack break and increase the sound waves
I know too much and its to late for turning back
I had a hunch but now I know it was just a crack
From the pavement of the familiar face
As I walked through Chicago as if to join the race

About Robyn

"If you haven't known insanity, you haven't lived."
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One Response to Welcome to May 2013

  1. Jitu says:

    profound you are…. keep writing


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